Week of July 31st, 2017


Farmed Salmon:
Atlantics – BC prices are beginning to soften, following the Chilean market and wild salmon season underway.
Steelhead/Trout – Smaller (1-3#) in more abundant supply. Tighter on larger 3-5#.

Wild Salmon:
Springs – Small amounts arriving. Alaska is catching more Coho than Springs at this time.
Sockeye – Bristol Bay is finishing the season with record catches. High catch ratio had pushed down fresh pricing for a short term, but now pricing is forecasting to be firm with supply tightening up. Alaska season is coming to an end, small amount trickling in.
Coho – New season underway, with good supply arriving.
Chum – New season Aug/Sept.
Pinks – Season has started, and the outlook looks favorable for the catch this year. Good supply arriving at C2C.

We are seeing supply tighten up for next week, with pricing starting to rise on BC halibut. Good supply thru C2C.

Oysters: Warmer weather on the BC coast has affected a few farms with the onset of the spawning season. C2C has an adequate supply.
Mussels: Saltspring Mussel are now available. Good supply on Iceberg Select Fresh mussels from NFLD.
Clams/Sea Urchin: Urchin season is now at a closed. Clams hit early spawning, and remaining tight but supply is increasing.

Rockfish & Lingcod – Good supply. Sole – Adequate supply arriving. Pcod still tight. Good supply of Icelandic cod.

Icelandic Groundfish
Cod/Redfish/Saithe all now being sourced direct from Iceland. All Oceanwise. Good supply with steady pricing.

Good supply on Artesmar Ahi Tuna. Mahi Mahi is adequate to limited supply.

Prices have levelled with good supply arriving.

Spot Prawns
Season is closed.

Albacore Tuna
Our product from West Coast is now in & released, with C2C producing more loins this week.

Ike Jime Combo Pak – New!
NZ is in their winter season, where single species may be hard to target. The popular Combo Pak contains a variety of top quality, NZ fish. Must order THURS for shipping following THURS/FRI.

Week of July 31st, 2017

Eastern Canada:

Oysters:  Spawning hasn't begun, due to the cooler weather. All oyster varieties are available.
Live Lobster:  Pricing is firm as supply is good.
Lake Fish:  Hot weather hitting Ontario is affecting supply on pickerel/whitefish and perch. Very tight supply.
Smelts:  Sea smelts (Chile) available. Supply on lake smelts (Canada) now available.


Cod/Haddock/Golden Redfish/Turbot/Arctic Char/Grey Sole:  Good supply with consistent pricing.
Turbot:  Icelandic is not available but Canadian turbot is in good supply.

South America

Swordfish:  Good supply has softened pricing for the week.
Mahi Mahi:  Prices are softening. Good supply.
Chilean Salmon/Steelhead:  Atlantics – prices have softened. Steelhead – adequate supply with smaller fish. Pricing is firm.
Tilapia:  Good supply.


Snappers (B-Liners):  Fishing out of the Carolinas right now. Good supply and sizing available for next week.
Kingfish:  Good month for Kingfish. Good supply has driven the price down.
Red/Black/Yellow Edge Grouper:  NO grouper arriving for next week.
Amberjacks, Golden Tilefish:  Limited supply on Amberjacks, but good on Tilefish.
Blue crab (live):  Hardshell now available. Good supply.
Catfish:  Summer schedule continues. Tues arrival into Max.


Skate Wing:  Stable pricing and good supply. Porgies:  Good supply.
Monkfish:  Good supply.
Mackerel:  Atlantics - good supply. Spanish has good supply.
Squid:  Good supply.
Scallops:  Prices are stable with good supply.


Sea Bass and Sea Bream from Greece and Turkey have been plentiful with stable pricing.


In 2 weeks, we are looking at flying in direct from Greece, instead of Italy – and with more fresh fish options. Italy product is expected in October. This will be handled as a special request. Order Fridays for the following Thursday’s arrival into Toronto.
More details to come.

Get a copy of the Seafood Update PDF here, to print off.